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Gilda's Date Export Certifications Quality Assurance and Compliance

At Gilda, We're proud to provide premium dates worldwide, supported by a range of certifications confirming our commitment to international standards, food safety, and sustainability.

Frequently asked questions

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Yes, export shipments will be insured by official and reputable Iranian authorities before being sent to their destination within Iran.

Export shipments to India and China will be sent by sea, while European shipments will be sent by land.

Generally, exported containers sent outside the country will reach their destination within approximately 10 to 14 working days, while the time is less than 10 working days for domestic shipments within Iran.

All expenses for registering orders will be deposited and paid in the exchange recommended by Gilda Company in Dubai.

Yes, upon customer request, products can be sent with a customized label representing the company or destination country.

After payment and order registration and confirmation, the export shipment will be sent with its bill of lading via WhatsApp, and the shipment can be tracked and the status can be inquired through communication channels such as phone and WhatsApp.

All Gilda products are produced and packaged under valid domestic and international certificates such as ISO 2000, ISO 9001, and HACCP. Additionally, the quality analysis of each product is sent along with the shipment and is verifiable at any time.

Unfortunately, due to the hygiene conditions of the shipment and the defined expiration date for each product, it is not possible to return and refund foreign export shipments.